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Michele Joel
Senior Travel Advisor

Phone Number: (604) 605-5176

Expertise: Corporate travel. She’s fast, efficient, and sensitive to the business traveler’s needs and idiosyncrasies, which makes her a “natural” for this kind of work. In addition to her specialty in corporate travel management, she has vast experience in leisure travel:  Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico are all areas of expertize.  Her latest venture is focus on northern travel experiences

Bio: Michele has been a travel specialist since 1976 and has been with us since 1996. She comes from Lethbridge, Alberta.  When asked to describe her style, Michele says, "I like to think outside the box.  I know it is a cliche, but nothing motivates me more than a problem that cannot be solved by conventional methods."  In 2005, Michele became one of our senior account managers, who handles and over-sees a variety of mid-size corporate accounts in the USA and Canada.

Favourite place:  Not so much a place as a type of travel - adventure travel, which include hikes up the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu, discovering the forests of Borneo and puttering through the villages of Bali. The people in each of these countries make travel an incredible experience. 

Hobbies: Coaching advanced-level soccer, gardening, and hiking with her family.

Travel tip: All work and no play makes you boring: take a vacation!


Michele and I have had the pleasure of working together since 2009. She was responsible for our global, corporate account for all transient, relocations and group related business travel. Michele personally handled all our business travelers, including our executives through coordination with their assistants.

Michele helped us through many acquisitions and business mergers over the years. Handled policy changes with grace. Thoroughly understood our company needs for cost-savings, efficient air-routing, discretion for our executives and most importantly our duty of care policies. She worked closely with the Travel Procurement Manager and Event Manger to ensure our needs to continuously met.

Michele is attentive, responsive, detail-orientated, and very personable. She has won over countless numbers of our staff with her positive, can-do attitude and friendly demeanour. Michele quickly became a household name to many of our employees, across 7 countries, as she was their go-to travel agent and travellers would ask for her by first name. As a testament to her outstanding travel agent services, many of our employees still opt to use her services for their personal trip planning for family holidays.

The Travel Group team delivered timely monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, friendly customer service and never ceased to amaze us with how quickly they would come together to pull off last minute travel requests (sometimes even the same-day). The Travel Group team will always go the extra mile to ensure special requests are met and they are adept at remembering all the small details.

Any company would be more than pleased to have Michele and the Travel Group team to manage their companies business travel needs.

Amber, Travel & Event Manager - Contractor, The Active Network


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