...we are having a great great great trip!!!
Ellie L.
by The Travel Group
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Travel on beautiful canals and see Europe from a completely new perspective.

We are excited to offer you Locaboat Holidays, specialists in river tourism for more than 35 years. River tourism is a unique type of travel that combines exploration and serenity. Far removed from the fast pace and stress of daily life, you will discover the true art of living, enjoying time that seems to almost stand still. 

Licence free hiring
Drive one of our boats after a simple, hands-on lesson. A technician will give you necessary instructions. You will familiarize yourself quickly and set out on your cruise with peace of mind.

Discover Europe’s most beautiful canals, rivers and lakes
Choose from a range of 400 high-quality boats that are accessible at 30 bases located in 6 countries in Europe.






 Penichette Classic                                                                       Penichette Flying Bridge






 Penichette Aft Deck                                                                    Europa 


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Drive one of our boat after a simple, hands-on lesson.