Our official name is "1987 The Travel Group Ltd."  The original agency was called TFC Tours, which specialized in travel to southern Africa.  This was a multi-national company founded in the 1970s, with branches in Johannesburg, London, and Vancouver.   We purchased the Vancouver office in 1987 and changed the name to The Travel Group.


"Our company has a history with owners of The Travel Group that goes back to 1980.  The
secret to their longevity is that they truly care about their clients--both the travellers and the travellers' company.
Our people are very busy, highly-skilled individuals. We want them to focus on the work that they do best.  Using a travel management company like The Travel Group allows us to do our job and leave the travel arrangements to the professionals. This saves us money, boosts productivity, bails us out in times of crisis (eg. bad weather, 9-11, etc.), and eliminates many costly errors in travel-planning.
Our account manager, Michele, has hands-on involvement in managing our travel.  She pays great attention to the issue of our employees'  well-being, which I greatly appreciate, but also always looks after our company's best interests."  
Alex B, VP, Software Company
We are back from Australia and New Zealand.
We had an absolutely fantastic time. Many more trips awaiting us there.
We just want to thank you so much for all you did in organizing the details for us.
The flights, hotels and tid bits of information about airbuses, taxis etc. all worked out to a T
Not one glitch.
So thankyou thankyou thankyou
From two very happy customers.
Rick and Winnie Cook

We have fallen in love with Australia.  What a beautiful country.  Thank you so much for you help in planning our trip.  Six weeks did not seem like enough time but with your knowledge of the country I feel that we saw and experienced a lot, actually more than most people see during their vacation.  People that we spoke to while on our travels were amazed at the combinations of overnight and day trips that you booked for us.  Everything went smoothly and your recommendation of how much time to spend in each area was perfect. 

The Sigal Family

Thanks for making this trip possible! It was fantastic!

 Check out our video from Le Tahaa.


Ed and Shannon

The Travel Group has provided me with excellent service. This was my first time flying out of the country alone, as I tend to get lost and confused extremely easily, I was delighted to have someone answer all of my silly questions. They have been highly recommended to all my friends and family. 

Jasmine M.

Thank god for the travel group, where you can always hear a friendly voice on the phone.

Barney, Musicia, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

Written to President & CEO


I am compelled to write and tell you of my recent return, under duress, from Phoenix Arizona on March 21st and how it was facilitated by the Doctors of BC and The Travel Group.

My husband and I left for Phoenix on March 5 (before travel advisories) and had ret‎urn tickets on Westjet for March 23. On the night of March 15 we discovered via a friend and by reading the CBC news, that Westjet was suspending all international flights after March 22. The next day was spent trying to reach Westjet by phone and email to no avail. We also attempted to book flights home ourselves on another airline but although it took the Visa number as payment no electronic tickets were issued. We could not resolve this even with a trip to the airport- the system was overwhelmed!

The next day I called the Doctors of BC and told them who I was and that I was stranded in Phoenix and needed the number of a travel agent in Vancouver. Without missing a best the receptionist spoke with someone and gave me The Travel Group;s number. I called and spoke with Annie Smits and within an hour or so we were booked had tickets paid for seats selected - we were much relieved to say the least!

I would like to thank the receptionist who was so "receptive " and the Dr's of BC for being there when I needed them! I also want to thank and laud praises to Annie who was just terrific - and so good humored at such a difficult time. ( I do not ‎have the manager of Travel Group 's email or I would include them also, so Annie gets the credit she deserves) please pass this on!

Thank you again!

Christine Wilson, MD, Doctors of BC

Michele and I have had the pleasure of working together since 2009. She was responsible for our global, corporate account for all transient, relocations and group related business travel. Michele personally handled all our business travelers, including our executives through coordination with their assistants.

Michele helped us through many acquisitions and business mergers over the years. Handled policy changes with grace. Thoroughly understood our company needs for cost-savings, efficient air-routing, discretion for our executives and most importantly our duty of care policies. She worked closely with the Travel Procurement Manager and Event Manger to ensure our needs to continuously met.

Michele is attentive, responsive, detail-orientated, and very personable. She has won over countless numbers of our staff with her positive, can-do attitude and friendly demeanour. Michele quickly became a household name to many of our employees, across 7 countries, as she was their go-to travel agent and travellers would ask for her by first name. As a testament to her outstanding travel agent services, many of our employees still opt to use her services for their personal trip planning for family holidays.

The Travel Group team delivered timely monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, friendly customer service and never ceased to amaze us with how quickly they would come together to pull off last minute travel requests (sometimes even the same-day). The Travel Group team will always go the extra mile to ensure special requests are met and they are adept at remembering all the small details.

Any company would be more than pleased to have Michele and the Travel Group team to manage their companies business travel needs.

Amber, Travel & Event Manager - Contractor, The Active Network

Michele has been managing all my travel, both business and personal for the past fifteen years. Michele not only managed my travel, but all the travel our staff and often the travel for those we have relationships. 

Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in assuring that I was where I needed to be on the days my attendance was required and back home no matter how fluid my schedule. In all the hundreds of thousands of miles and all the countries around the world I traveled, I can only think of one instance I had to stay an extra night because she could not find me a way home.

I feel greatly confident in recommending Michele’s travel advice and services.

She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my needs and respond to questions and/or text messages.
Lee Loftus, Past Business Manager, BC Insulators

 Just don’t know what we’d do without you!

Makki Manzano, Macdonald Communities Limited