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Tahiti Travel Tips


  • The local currency is the Pacific Franc, CFP or XPF. It is linked to the Euro. $1 is about 90 CFP
  • Credit cards are widely accepted in the most touristy islands and travelers should advise their banks that they will be overseas and make sure their card will work there
  • Travelers cheques can be used but are not accepted everywhere. High fees apply in banks and resorts to change them
  • US dollars are accepted in some stores but the exchange rate will not be the greatest
  • Currency exchange services are available from banks and resorts. Fees apply
  • ATMs are available at the Faa'a International Airport as well as banks in Papeete and the most touristy islands and areas
  • We recommend that visitors travel with a bit of cash as a precaution


  • The islands have tropical weather and are blessed with a lot of sunshine and enough rain to keep mountains and valleys lush and green
  • Average temperature is about 80°F throughout the year, both air and water
  • Summer runs from November to April
  • The "Tahitian winter" or cooler season is from May to October
  • There is no cyclone season in French Polynesia

What to Bring

  • Pack light, comfortable clothes
  • Reef shoes
  • Lots of sunscreen and after sun lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Any prescription medicine
  • Adapter for electronic appliances (the islands have 220 volts and French plugs - most resorts have 110 volts for small appliances such as razor)


  • In the islands, the locals' daily schedule starts with sunrise and ends at sunset. There is not much happening as far as nightlife. It is not Vegas, Ibiza or Mexico
  • Most night clubs are located on the main island ofTahiti
  • Some of the resorts' offer live band performances at their bars and pool areas
  • Local dance troupes perform in hotels to give the travelers an insight into Tahitian music, dances and songs
  • Visitors do not travel to Tahiti for the nightlife but for the pristine, breathtaking beauty and majesty of the islands, the kindness and warmth of its inhabitants, the authencity and serenity that can be found each day in what many call "paradise"

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