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Tara Matilda
Travel Consultant

Phone Number: (604) 605-5188

Expertise: Fiji & Corporate travel. Fiji Matai Specialist.

Bio: Tara joined us in 2003 after working in retail for 7 years.  Her grandfather worked for an airline, traveled a lot and loved the life in the travel industry, so Tara thought she'd give it a go too.  (So far, so good!)

Favourite places: Fiji, Kingdom of Tonga, South Australia, South Island New Zealand, London, Las Vegas.

Hobbies: Travel (of course), shopping, movies, relaxing and reading a good book, making beaded jewellery, and her pug Bella.

Travel tip: When you pack, leave room for the shopping you bring home. (I had to buy a duffel bag in London to fit all of my purchases.)


To be certified a Fiji Matai specialist, travel agents must complete a course annually, and must have a 80% pass rate each year on Fiji Tourism’s course exam.

Matai Curriculum:

Module 1: General information about Fiji.
Module 2: Products and services available within each of Fiji’s regions.
Module 3: Fiji Island Culture(s).
Module 4: Niche markets



Thank-you so much for making our DREAM vacation a reality and so hassle-free. We really appreciated the extra’s you arranged for us that we don’t normally pre-plan such as transportation to and from airport, boat booking to tokoriki, late check-outs etc…..even though it was an expensive vacation, it was worth every penny!!! Would go back to Fiji in a heart beat!!


Dawn and Rocco
April 7, 2015


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